Zune: New Project

So, my first blog post just happens to be my first new project since starting a blog.  There are many more un-finished and un-started projects to post on, but listing them all right now would waste my time and yours, so I’ll start with this one: free broken zune.  that’s a phrase I’ll probably be saying a lot, “free broken X”.  This zune is a white 30GB model that won’t power on.  The previous owners said that one day they let it run down too much and then it just wouldn’t re-charge.  I plan on trying several different strategies to repair this zune.

First: I plan to borrow a friend’s charging cable to see if it’s something as simple as that (although I don’t think so, because I’m pretty sure they had a boom box dock for it that would keep it charged while it played)  or at least continuity check the cable with a pinout of the zune side connector.

Second: I would remove the case and battery and attempt to power the zune with a battery pack of my own design (probably a bad idea, but as a test I don’t think it’ll kill it).

Third: try and re-solder the zune connector if broken off the board or bypass it with a hardwired usb cable to see if that’s the problem.

Fourth: buy a new battery from an aftermarket seller (maybe dealextreme or ebay).

Fifth: at least I can probably rip a working 30 GB drive out of this thing, or maybe sell it on craigslist, or maybe both…. maybe not.

Any way I slice it  come out on top because I got a free zune, usb cable, and wall outlet usb adapter.

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