Repairing Rock Band Guitar

Recently I went to visit a friend living in Mt Pleasant and while I was there he gave me this guitar that he said was his housemate’s, and it was broken.  Well, being me I naturally assumed that I could fix it no problem, and I was right.  Upon close inspection one of the 90° .1″ headers had all three pins broken off.  Not having a three pin 90° .1″ header I used what I had, in this case a 3 pin .1″ header salvaged from an old broken motherboard (probably a header for either a turbo button or a cmos reset jumper).  All I did was solder the header to the remaining pins to make a 90° header.  I have pictures of the entire board to document the orientation each connector has to be in for it to work properly.

in all it's glory

The Patient

opened for all the world to see

The Guts

not perfect, but it'll do

The Opperation

Oh, in addition to that the whammy bar had the spring broken off, I assume this is why it was dis-assembled in the first place, then the header got broken while it was open, and I fixed that by bending a little more of the spring into a loop and re-attaching it.

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