UPS Buzzer Removal

So, this is an old one.  What happens when you only have an ancient laptop with a dead battery and you still want to go around a convention?  Bring a 120vac battery with you of course! You say you don’t have one? how about a UPS? oh yeah, I went there.  so, the main problem with this is that a UPS doesn’t know you are trying to use it as a battery and it insists rather loudly that it isn’t plugged into the wall and you should rectify that soon.  By that I mean it beeps rather loudly using a piezoelectric buzzer.  The simple explanation is to remove it, the same way I did with my old thermostat that beeped every time you changed the temperature and I got yelled at for messing with it.  That’s exactly what I did, and apparently this isn’t such a novel idea, I recently heard an interview with Jeri Ellsworth saying that she needed to do this to get an extra few hours out of her laptop on a plane.  The concept is simple, here’s the pictures.

really old fuzzy picture

working! (compaq armada 7800, I think, still working today as my 1541 disk drive emulator)

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