DIY hard drive toaster

So, here’s an old one, anyone else do enough with sata drives that warrants having a way to easily and painlessly drop one in a computer?  I did,but I really couldn’t justify one of those hard drive caddys, they cost a lot more than the regular enclosures I had lying around (buy a hdd on sale, pop it open, drop it in on a sata bus for faster transfers).  The idea is pretty simple, it just has to hold the hard drive firmly and be able to be removed at a moment’s notice.  I really liked these Western Digital MyBook drives, they fit on a shelf, are easy to open and they stand up, which is important for this mod.

the finished product

Construction: cut it in half.  Well, ok, it’s a little more involved than that.  Pick a spot (probably above the light pipes is a good idea), measure it out so you have a level line all the way around, and cut the outer plastic.  Now you have the inside metal caddy to deal with, cut it a little below the level of the outer plastic to allow for a nice top to fit level.  The top came from the discarded top of the MyBook, but it curves, and mine doesn’t.  You  could curve yours right along with it, but I cut mine off right before the curve and used the bit salvaged from the back to complete the top.  Now, just cut a hole in the top the right size, slather it in hot glue and you’re done.  The reason I say hot glue is that all the methods this thing had for staying together are now compromised, like cutting the top off of acar: you need to reinforce it, or it’ll fall apart.  There you go, don’t forget the light pipe before hot gluing the hell out of it!

as you can see, I used the bit of caddy to reinforce the other side

The rest of the pictures

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