“Computer” speakers

This is a very old one, maybe I’ll update with an approximate date later, but it has to be before 2006.  So, I’m a smart ass, and so are my friends, for the most part.  We had a pair of computers that were close to absolutely useless, some old HP pavilion compact towers.

 They were absolute crap, no good for anything, but for some reason we got the crazy idea to turn them into a set of speakers.  So we did just that.  First we stripped the cases of all the computer bits.  Then we stripped the cases of all plastic bits. Then we stripped the cases of all internal riveted-in metal bits.

We turned these into metal rectangular prisms.  Once we had the cases prepped we needed a donor amp and speakers.  The amp was sourced from an old pair of speakers that came with a Pentium 4 era eMachine desktop, the speakers were surplus paper cone car speakers.  No, we didn’t match the impedance, yes they were probably both 8 ohms.

Now we have speakers whose magnets can seriously affect CRT monitors and cases that fit them pretty well, now how do we put it all together? Duct Tape!

That’s black duct tape, this adventure pre-dates gorilla tape

Here they are assembled, they worked wonderfully until we gave them away to a friend.


The rest of the photos are here.


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