Bleeding wire?

We were doing some remodeling at the old hackerspace and cut a wire from an old intercom system that was doing nothing but hang in the way.  A while later we noticed a puddle under it, thought not much of it.  Later there was a bigger puddle and then the jokes got more incredulous.  WTF the building is bleeding?  It’s very thin oil, possibly used for lubing the cable up when it was pulled through the insulation jacket, but that’s a lot of oil for that.  This is unshielded, untwisted audio cable, maybe it’s some sort of shielding or impedence matching?.  We’re a bit stumped out here at i3Detroit, anyone got a clue?

UPDATE: the wire does have some electrical insulation and the conductor are not made of paper.  The colors are red, black, and yellow; the pinout could be anything, but I think it’s probably power, ground, and signal.

2 Responses to “Bleeding wire?”

  1. Steve Says:

    Perhaps this is direct burial anti-rodent cable. This is used in parts of the world where borrowing rodents will chew through cables. It contains a bitter tasting compound. I’ve worked with this stuff and it’s kinda nasty to deal with. The stuff I used was filled with a gel, but over time maybe it turned to liquid.

  2. Gavin Melville Says:

    In a former life I installed a few TV antennas as a favour for a friend. One customer a few months later rang and said (a) the TV antenna wasn’t working, and (b) there was water dripping out the end of the belling lee connector. I assumed condensation or similar, but she said “gallons has dripped out”. It was a seaside home with a parapet roof, and as these was no other way I had run the coax out through a hole in the parapet. Unbeknown to be that was the last working drain from the roof. Salt corrosion had made the balun assemble drop off, the hole was neatly plugged by the balun, and the roof had filled up. When I got there 100’s of gallons was trying to drain down the aircell coax. Learnt a lot from that – mostly about doing favours. One new TV later (salty water) and a new side of house antenna installation she was sort of happy.

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