IBM 122 key follow up (1)

Continued from here.

I decided to go ahead and order the keys from Unicomp, the quality’s ok, the color sorta matches, but they couldn’t make me custom keys.  I did get a tux key, most of my media keys, a context menu key, and another escape key.  I’m going to apply some inkscape talents to making the key labels, but I’m not sure how to go about marking the keys.  I could mask with tape and burn it off.  I could dust it with toner or thermark and try to melt it in.  I could engrave and try to wipe paint in.  I’m waiting on a part for our little laser cutter, but I’m leaning toward dusting it with laser toner and trying to fuse it into the plastic keys.

Here’s my keyboard a it stands today, I’ll add a picture of my key designs later tonight.

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