Reverse Engineered Bubble Display

I was at hamvention a few weeks ago and ran across some digital stopwatches, the salesman made me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I got all four.  Each had a bubble display inside, but not in a terribly useful configuration.  The displays have nine plastic lenses, but only numbers two, three, four, five, seven, and eight are populated.  that’s a froup of four, a space, then another group of two.  I should also mention that I don’t actually need any more displays, but they always seem so useful that I can’t help myself.  I wrote a generic matrix driver and threw it up on my github here (I swear I’ve written this code a million times, so here it is for general use). The number on the back says “LTB-1467S” T8416 Made in Taiwan, so if anyone else needs this pinout hopefully google will lead them here.

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