Wave Bubble Wrong Part

Here’s a quick one.  A long long time ago, in a lab far away… Ok, so some people may know what a Wave Bubble is, some people may not.  Basically, it’s a device that will let you silence cell phones around you.  It may be illegal, but so are all the other good things so if you don’t bother anyone else by doing it you will certainly not have any issues.  The documentation for this device was great, but because of the type of device that means the instructions stayed in a sort of V0.5 state.  This leads to mistakes.  The forums are a help, but with so few people willing to try building it it’s still a bit scattershot.  Parts go out of production, technology moves on, and there isn’t a fundamentally new version of the design available which makes building it even harder.

As part of a group buy of components a friend put together order for boards, parts, and all the needed bits to make this project work.  Well, it didn’t work.  The one major problem I had in building this was that the original BOM we ordered from (I can’t find it, but I trust him) had the AD8403 listed as the digipot.  That was wrong, it should have been the AD8402.  The difference is one digit, 10 pins, and 2 internal digipots.  The nice thing is that the addresses they respond to are the same, and that the smaller ones are just a subset of the bigger ones.  If you are comfortable soldering like me then grab yourself some 80-pin ide cables strip them down, and solder up an adapter.

Now, I can’t say I recommend buying the parts to build this kit.  It’s hard, doesn’t produce something very useful, and if we’re honest you can get one from aliexpress.  If you do try to build one, I recommend doing a bit more research and checking out the wiki.

2 Responses to “Wave Bubble Wrong Part”

  1. Max Says:

    Hi Evan, when you say “doesn’t produce something very useful”, is it because the effective radius is small or the effectivity of the jamming is not good? Thanks!

    • abzman2000 Says:

      What I meant by that is that a radio frequency jammer isn’t something I consider very useful even if it jammed exactly what I wanted at whatever radius I asked for.

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