Begone old broken fog lights


This car came with very little aftermarket stuff, the most apparent are the fog lights.  There are two things I don’t like about them: the position, and the functionality.  I think they should be lower, like right below the bumper.  It would also be nice if they worked.  Putting them below the bumper would hang these particular lights a little low, however, losing me that valuable ground clearance I crave.  To get these off I had to remove the grill:

Seven screws to remove the grill (center bottom is longest and top two are flanged)

You will see on my fender there is some window screen material, I really like this as it keeps the radiator from getting clogged with leaves and crap.  The wires for the lights were run around an existing wiring harness and I had to remove the grill to get them unplugged.  Now we can have a look at the bulbs:


Rust inside the reflector

Holy shit, rust flakes galore

So, those are going away.  I could theoretically sandblast and paint them, but why? I don’t really like them very much.  These brackets, however…

really god damn sturdy brackets

I feel like I can re-use these for my under-bumper fog light.  This is the sort of custom work I like to see on a vehicle.  Now I have a cable coming out near the radiator that is controlled by a switch in the dash.  That is perfect for my new fog light.

Double bullet connector

Switch, actually works

That’s that! or so I thought.  While re-assembling the grill I broke off a bit.  I decided that since I didn’t have JB weld that some VHB and a chunk of aluminum angle would hold that tight enough.



There, that ends my removal of the old, broken, and very rusty fog lights.  The new one is planned to be a yellow LED strip on a bracket along the bottom of the bumper.

The home page for this project is here, it has a link to the album of pictures.

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