Sony Sports Watchman FM-45A composite input

As part of this ‘real Pip Boy’ project I’ve started I decided I needed a real CRT for this to work.  The whole point is to have antique technology, not just the look and Sony made portable CRTs of about the right form factor.  I elected to buy one, but the classic Sony Watchman has a long skinny appearance that I never much liked.  I prefer to have something closer to the dimensions of a Pip Boy to start with, so I found what I thought was the compact model.  It says sport in the name and the ratio of case length to width was more what I liked so I bought one for only $20 shipped.  When I got it I found out my mistake: this isn’t the smallest one, it’s the biggest one.  They apparently called it the ‘sport’ because the whole case is waterproof, and as I disassembled it I tend to agree (they did a really good job designing it).  That being said, I now have a heavy plastic box as big as my forearm and bigger than any of my model Pip Boys, that’ll do.


The problem with getting something that isn’t what everyone else is hacking means that you have to blaze your own trail.  There isn’t a place to find easy instructions to inject composite video into this particular model so I had to figure it out.  Not really.  Someone else found the same chip in a different one and explained where to hook in.  Pin 8 of the QDIP  IC201 is the composite pin and pin 23 s your ground reference on the Sony CX20183.  But at least now all these keywords are in the same place for the next person.


I still need to tune the CRT, inject audio into the existing amplifier circuit, maybe remove some RF components for space, make sure the radio still works, add a rechargeable lithium pack to run the monitor and pi, and add more sensors/buttons/knobs/lights.  The keyboard is done.

2 Responses to “Sony Sports Watchman FM-45A composite input”

  1. 31337 Says:

    Did you manage to figure out the right pin to inject also the audio?

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