rename bluetooth modules

I intend to install bluetooth modules in both my vintage cars, and my stereo console, but the generic module names are super boring. I decided to follow this article and rename them so they show up as something descriptive. I also used this hack to allow for a custom programmer based on a couple dollar FTDI chip. My module was not a big achievement because I bought the exact module that is described in the instructable, it just worked.

that’s 1.27mm pitch header, I made it a socket

What was an achievement was hacking this TaoTronics module that a friend used in his car. It uses a CSR8635 which should also program using my method proved above, but what’s the pinout of the module? Luckily the chip is not BGA so I can trace the module pins from the chip pins.

After much tracing I discovered this, my arbitrary pin numbering starts at 1 on the left of the bottom tow of the module and increases as you move to the right. 5: CS, 8: MOSI, 9: CLK, 14: SPI_EN, 15: MISO. We powered the module from the main 5v input to the puck and used a 1v8 labeled pin to tie to SPI_EN (also grounded to a labeled GND pad). This worked and allowed us to flash the module.

There, another module traced, now go forth and hack! The software is now here because qualcomm got a little stingy and feels like encouraging people to use competitor’s modules by not allowing access anymore.

EDIT: Important note, because of the frankly moronic way windows handles usb serial ports you need to make sure to check what port the ftdi shows up as and run Zadig to change the driver EVERY SINGLE TIME you unplug the ftdi board. I’m now on COM91… Stupid fucking windows.

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