AMC Eagle Horn Replacement (very superfluous)

There’s a lot of cars I’d like to own for various reasons. Most of them are small parts I think are cool, like the electroluminescent hemispherical dash of some Chrysler 300s and the Nash fold flat reclining seats. This is one part that I can pull from one of those cars and add to my existing vehicle, no need to own some super expensive car just because it has a cool horn. Yes, I’m talking about the Plymouth Road Runner “Meep-Meep” horn. This is a car company that paid Warner Bros. for the right to use the name, image, and iconic sound of a cartoon character in their muscle car. Chrysler really have more fun making cars than GM or Ford, they may not always be the best but they are the most fun (no focus group testing in the world would tell you it’s a good idea to make the Plymouth Prowler, but they did it!).

My horn is a replica, painted gum drop purple from Ace Hardware and with a replica sticker. I even went through the effort to pull the original horns (that’s right I had the high and low tone horns on my eagle) and unthread the wire from the harness all the way back to where I installed the new horn. By the way, the only reason I had any space to install the horn there is because my car lacks the auto load leveling option so the air compressor is missing (that engine bay is packed). To get the horns out I had to remove the headlight buckets and reach in through the resulting hole to undo one bolt holding the original horn on (one on each side). The wire ran all the way from the passenger side headlight, across the grill, along the driver’s side fender, across the firewall, and back down to the horn relay on the passenger’s side wheel arch. I’m sure this harness was made for ease of installation, not length of wire. The horn is now inches from the horn relay.

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