AMC Eagle Test Box Simulator

I’ll admit, this one’s a bit pointless. It’s because I had to buy the connectors for my test box harness in pars of male and female connectors. I had nothing else to do, so I thought I’d put together a simulator to exercise the test box while in the comfort of my air conditioned home.

The circuits are pretty simple, everything except the o2 sensor go through some dual Nfet bidirectional voltage level converters (super cheap on ebay or wherever) and that allows the arduino mega which is powered by 12v to send 12v signals to the box full of LEDs and whatnot. The o2 sensor is sent through a voltage divider and even then since I didn’t get it right I don’t sweep all the way up to the max value PWM. The tachometer uses the ‘tone’ function in arduino to output a square wave of a given frequency to simulate engine speed (this will help me calibrate the tach as well). That’s really it, I decided to blink each LED once in succession to show they all work and none are shorted. Once I have verified my richer/leaner circuit on the running engine I’ll set this thing up to simulate that pattern to test that circuit as well.

the ink of the datecode bled through the paint

The whole thing fits into a repurposed dishwasher soap box and all connections are made through the lid. The code is up on github here.

4 Responses to “AMC Eagle Test Box Simulator”

  1. Your favorite naggy nitpicker Says:

    That wasn’t dishwasher soap in that box. It was laundry detergent.


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