Bench meter repairs

Years and years ago I bought some bench meters from a blind auction at my friend’s work. These meters all checked out perfect, I personally tested the calibration against some calibration samples we had at i3 and every single digit was spot on for every meter. The only problem was that the meters were missing the carry handles/stand thing like they had been installed in a rack setup. That’s not an issue, but all of the plastic around the meter face was broken. This means that there was no longer any way to secure the face to the meter body. My usual repair methods don’t work here, there’s nothing good to superglue, epoxy, or solder. Hot glue would work but you’d have to melt it off to change the fuse and that’s just stupid. This is the first time I’ve repaired something this way and it’s not revolutionary, but to me it made for a super solid fix with almost no effort. I drilled and tapped holes through the plastic face and metal frame for 4-40 bolts. 4 bolts per meter and they are solid as ever. Having some drill bits and taps can make repairs pretty darn easy.

Cleaned up and ready to go (the bottom one had enough plastic to just bolt back together)

I also had to superglue some cracked plastic on the back panels so the screws could hold the plastic to the metal frame. They clean up good, they might even warrant some rubber feet from the hardware store screwed into the bottom of the case.

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