AMC Eagle Rear speaker installation

When I was working on the rear hatch I decided to take a crack at the rear speakers and grille.  I researched replacement speakers that would fit exactly for a while and came up with Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime 5.25-Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2.  I bought two sets (for the front door speakers and the trunk speakers) but will be installing the front ones later.  If I recall correctly these speakers are specifically shallow enough to be install-able in the front door without hitting anything.  I also thought there was a different speaker above the glove box but I believe that is if you have an AM only radio and it is a mono speaker.  I will eventually get a dual coil one of those speakers for my ’57 Chevy, but it looks like I don’t need it for the AMC.

The first thing I wanted to do was replace the speaker grille, so I bought one from ebay for a dissapointingly high price and when I went to install it I decided to do the speakers at the same time.  The speakers are not centered on the grille hole, which is a bit confusing at first.  

why? just… why

The old speakers have spaced connections at the same interval as the new speakers, but the new ones have one 0.187″ spade connector contact and one 0.110″ whereas the old ones are the more traditional 0.250″ size.  I made an adapter harness to break them out to the older standard spade terminals.

New speaker installed in the plate, old torn speaker being replaced is torn
New speaker with jumpers and old speaker for comparrison

The home page for this project is here, it has a link to the album of pictures.

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