AMC Eagle speaker cover retention upgrade

I was putting one of the speaker grilles on the other day and I thought that it was pretty bad how they were retained and that I’d give that a bit of an upgrade.

This was the crap that held it on. The odd one out was obviously someone else’s fix at some point in the past, the other speed nuts were just stuck on to the padding behind the panel. No real positive retention, and they are prone to falling off or bending so they don’t retain anymore. Now for the upgrade:

That’s a 6-32 T-nut and a 6-32 x 3/4″ bolt. I ended up cutting all the bolts down because of how close they come to the speaker cone, but this is such a better option. For ease of installation I recommend you completely remove your interior trim and epoxy these in from the back side, otherwise they may keep falling out while you try to thread in. I didn’t do that but it still turned out OK.

There you have it, all the nicely threaded holes ready to accept bolts. Some needle nose pliers helped press the teeth into the plastic.

All installed, nice and neat. No more rattling screws loose.

The home page for this project is here, it has a link to the album of pictures.

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