8048 programmer, 2708 programmer, and 1702 programmer

This isn’t something I designed, but I really like building capability in my lab so I got these to help dump microcontrollers and eproms. I’ve used the mcs-48 programmer already to dump code from microcontrollers and the 2708 programmer helps not need a bunch of power supplies to read 2708s as 2716s in a conventional eprom reader. The 1702 programmer was the most difficult and the most un-needed (by me) but you never know when parts are going to go end of life and I’d have to redesign this thing and there’s no way I want to do that. I only had one issue on the whole set and that was a dual transistor I toasted on the 1702 programmer, but I always buy spares. If you want boards or spare parts let me know, hand soldering all of these once was enough for me…

flux not yet cleaned off from the repair I had to do

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