AMC Eagle Test Box v1.4

Previous entry here, simulator here.

I decided to jump all the way to 1.4, adding all the circuitry I had planned plus some additional stuff. There’s three circuit boards in the box, doing 4 things total. There’s a 4050 board that buffers all the signals for the LEDs, this is probably not needed, but it puts less parasitic drain on the vehicle. I had some issues driving this box with the engine simulator, so that made it a bit more robust. There’s the board I described in the last post that generates richer and leaner signals from the quadrature stepper signals. And there’s this new board that contains a simulated throttle position sensor and indicator of if the engine is at temperature. The engine being at temperature means the stepper motor can take over control of the carb, so that lets you know what mode the engine computer is in. The simulated throttle position sensor uses the vacuum switches and wide open throttle switch to estimate how much throttle you are running at. I added these features so it’s easier to ‘read the tea leaves’ without having to know how everything works.

I terminated all the wiring at screw terminals, and from there wired the box. The screw terminal layout is here, with the templates for the side sticker as well. The logic is all implemented with 4000 series logic because that can operate natively at 12v, no level converters needed.

I changed the code for the test box to simulate the richer/leaner stepper signals, I also have conditions for engine at temp and different throttle positions. Now, who wants this wonderful project car?

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