ESP232 code enhancements/porting

I did this a long time ago and am just now bothering to write something up for it. I was not super satisfied with the esp-link telnet adapter software, and I wanted to make some smaller simple boards. Enter the ESP232.

This is a marvelous and tiny board that simply combines a rs232 level shifter with a usb port for power and a regulator to get it down to 3.3v. I ordered enough boards and parts to make 10 of these and every single one worked. One of the things I don’t like about this design is the programming header. I could never get it to work and I just gave up and programmed my boards in a spring pin jig.

After digging into the code I found that it didn’t immediately compile on the esp8266. With some help from Frank we got it working on both the esp232 hardware and my old esp-link modules. After some more digging I found I could tweak some things to make them settable through the captive portal. I also added all baud rates supported in the library and basically all the bells and whistles I could. I’m really happy with where it is and all you need to make use of this is a d1mini. Seriously, you couple this to a ttl level serial port inside some piece of hardware and boom! now you can telnet to it.

Here’s the current revision of my code. I had some of my changes pulled back into the original codebase, but not all of them (not sure I remember why).

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