GPIB breakout/future fujinet capability

I’ve been knocking out circuit board designs at a crazy pace this year. One of the things I wanted to do was help some with the fujinet project to get it on to other platforms. One of those platforms is the commodore PET. To do this I needed a couple boards. Well, I only really needed one, but I wanted to make it general purpose.

This is my GPIB to raspberry pi board. I needed some pinout to go to the esp32, and since that hadn’t been determined at the time I wanted to make this I decided to arbitrarily pick the raspberry pi connector and a pinout compatible with this guy’s code. There’s even a linux kernel driver for use with this configuration, but the one with the line drivers is commented out. You can get the code from here and build it with the omitted control lines back in. I would prefer to have this hardware version supported as another option in the driver, but I haven’t petitioned for that yet. But it does work to retrieve data from an oscilloscope over GPIB

It can also talk to other equipment, but be warned, equipment like the Tek AFG 5105 predate IEEE488.2 and you need to query it with ID?, not IDN?

You may also see a card edge connector there as optional, I added that so this can plug straight into a commodore PET. I checked and double checked the pinout, so it should work, but that has yet to be tested. I also made a breakout board for the esp32 WROVER board that’s breadboard compatible and has headers for the ESP-PROG that can do serial communication and programming in addition to JTAG single step debugging.

I copied sections of the schematic from the wrover kit board seen on this Dave’s Garage video that inspired me to get working on esp32 projects. The esp-prog board isn’t expensive, but also I didn’t want to build those parts onto every board. It’s also quite easy to convert a dead d1 mini with its ch340 and fets to twiddle the control lines and reset line to program over this 2×3 programming header.

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