Kicad carbon contact script

I’ve been making lots of circuit boards lately, and I had the need to lay out pads for carbon contacts (specifically on an atari jaguar controller pcb). I found someone’s script on github that does basically that, but I needed some extra features.

First I needed rectangular contacts, so I added width and height instead of diameter. But that made me think about how the circular pad didn’t use those fields. How hard would it be to make oval contacts?

Hard. Well, too hard for me to do easily. I enlisted Frank’s help and now things work significantly better. There’s still issues at the edges, but it’s probably good enough to make functional designs.

We talked about doing the sides with special purpose arcs instead of segments, and fixing the gap spacing on the left and right between the fingers and the opposite side of the pad. There’s also the bottom corners that don’t meet properly. Lots of stuff to fix, but I didn’t even need oval pads. They just seemed like the logical extension of square, rectangle, circle, … it’s gotta be oval, right? this is like an SAT question.

Here’s my latest code.

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