Logicode 16550 8 bit ISA serial card upgrade

I got an IBM PC with Frank some time ago and have been on the lookout for upgrades for it ever since. It has 8-bit ISA slots so it’s fun to look for stuff that’s compatible with that. I wanted a serial card and I was surprised when I found one, brand new, for $8 US shipped.

And from the listing (still up!) I saw that this was actually the lower spec single serial port version, and that there existed a dual serial port version of this card. So, as I learned from The Splendid Table a long time ago: If you’re going to buy one, buy two.

These cards are SO SIMPLE. And the missing parts are just obvious, another 16550, a 1488, and a 1489. So why wait, it’s actually cheaper to buy these cards and scrap them than to buy the components themselves.

This worked great. The silkscreen showed how to set the jumpers for both ports and everything worked great. I did buy parts to fix up the other card just because I couldn’t stand to have it be scrap, but it was not the financially sound thing to do.

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