Jaguar team tap replica and spinner controller layout

I was on a roll making PCB replicas and I hit on one that I haven’t seen before. A from-scratch atari jaguar spinner controller. There’s not much to it, so why not? Why keep hacking up original controllers? We live in the age of 3d printers and super cheap board fab. So I did. The first step was digitizing the schematic to a jaguar controller, so that meant making a replica of my jaguar controller PCBs.


These are as close to exact replicas of the PCBs as I felt like doing. The same components will fit, they’re not quite the exact trace layout, but they’re functionally identical. Doing those carbon contacts involved improving a script I found that became a whole different project on its own. That didn’t actually end up getting made either. Like, if you make them they’ll probably work, but I didn’t.

Next I added the wiring to the controller top PCB to make a spinner controller.

This adds the spinner directly to the regular PCB. If you have a controller and want to hack it but the electronics seem beyond you, this can make it into a spinner controller. Now, I didn’t add a switch to this one, so the spinner quadrature is constantly wired to the d-pad buttons. It may not really work because of how 3/4 of the time at least one ‘button’ will be held down depending on where you leave the spinner positioned.

This is the one of these I actually got made. I don’t want to get into DIY carbon contacts right now, but I have a boatload of tact switches with different length plungers. I figured I could 3d print an enclosure that fits this and feels alright. I decided to leave the PCB outline because why not. I also added arbitrary mounting holes because it’s 3d printing and their positions are already in cad, they don’t have to be even. This integrates all the needed circuitry from the bottom PCB into the top. I omitted all the diodes and resistors that don’t matter. This could be the basis for a smaller jaguar controller for games that don’t need the keypad.

It fits!
it works!

For reference, the slider switch is a C&K OS202011MS2QS1 and the rotary encoder is a Bourns PEC11R-4020K-S0024. the rest of the parts are generic footprints.

The last thing I did just because I could. I redrew and laid out the Atari Jaguar Team Tap. No one needs this. There do not need to be more of these in the world. The existing ones can probably be scrapped for parts and it’s a better use of them. But I made one.

The only thing I didn’t replicate (that I now regret) was I didn’t make the ‘154 socket fit both the wide and narrow chips. You can see how the layout would work if those plated holes were there. Does it work? I have no idea. I actually purchased the parts and built one, but I don’t have either of the TWO GAMES that use it. But there you go, you can now start reproducing them. You crazy, crazy people.

You can find all the board files here. I have spare PCBs of the integrated spinner one with tact switches and the team tap if anyone wants them.

One Response to “Jaguar team tap replica and spinner controller layout”

  1. Bleugh Says:

    Awesome, love this stuff.
    People may ask ‘why’ …
    ‘Because you can’ ….keep blogging this stuff, always a great read 🙂

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