Logic analyzer breakout pcb

I decided that I wanted an additional logic analyzer, and that means I’m now making a board. I had the design from last time, but it didn’t exactly translate smoothly.

The first issue is the software. I guess the driver installer isn’t archived and sorta fell off the internet? I’m not 100% sure this is required, but I dredged the installed driver off my very old windows 7 install and threw it up on the internet archive. This means the logic analyzer is detected as this device and has 16 inputs, mapped how I laid them out on the board. It’s supposed to make it plug-and-play without setup but the driver being missing and needing to screw with zadig means it’s not exactly that.

Here’s the schematic as it looks NOW but look back at my old article and you will see the pinout for the cypress board I had THEN is different from the one I have now. here’s the board I have now:

new board

Looking at the old one, pin 10 is ground and pin 19 is vcc. This board has them swapped. I don’t need to have them hooked up at all so I omitted them in the current design so the board works with all variants. I also found that they moved some components that moved the relative position of the mounting holes to the pin headers. I designed for the board I had and the new one was different. Cutting some traces before soldering is not hard, you just have to know to do it.

I added a trace specifically that powers both buffers from one spot so it can be cut and you can jumper around to 5v to power the buffers if you want. there isn’t 5v available on the pinheaders or I might have made it switchable. I suppose I still could and I could have a pad where you solder a jumper down regardless, but this seemed like a reasonable solution.

Silk is free, use it. I labeled all the pins, put a pinout for the mapping of cypress ports to pins in sigrok, put the data you need to program into the eeprom, and the device you should get the driver for. That seemed sufficient.

Here is the current design up on github right now, I simplified some of the shapes, moved the hole positions to match the newer board, shrank the PCB to the minimum size, omitted the contested power pins, and kept all the other features. You can either ask me for one of the old designs or go make one of the new ones found here.

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