ultrasonic adapter for quadcopter

This has been in my queue for quite a while (and I’m pushing it out now with no pictures, oh darn).  When I was in college we were working on a quadcopter.  I think our descendants are still working on the same one.  When I was there we had an ardupilot board and were making a frame, tuning the hardware.  One of the optional extras that the ardupilot code can take is an ultrasonic sensor.  The sensor they use outputs an analog voltage.  The sensors I had around used a trigger and echo pin.  Rather than modify the ardupilot code I chose to throw a pro mini at and adapt my sensor to what the ardupilot expects.  Here is my code for how to make a DYP-ME007 act like a Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor.  For anyone who wants to get away with a cheaper ultrasonic sensor here is my code, if it looks simple that’s because it is.

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